About Quittie Glen

Our Vision

Quittie Glen envisions the maintainence of a healthy, balanced life that involves taking care of the mind, body, emotional, and spiritual well-being as essential elements in successful living. Our team lives by this vision and supports it in the future of all of our clients.

Our Mission

The clinical team at Quittie Glen provides innovative multidimentional therapeutic, wellness, and health services.

Our Values:

Our therapeutic strategies are devoted to five major values that are integrated and applied comprehensively to maximize the wellness of our clients:

Relationship Centered, demonstrated through:

  • Focusing on emotions
  • Working collaboratively
  • Being empathetic
  • Seeing strengths in others
  • Being respectful

Wellness/Resilience, demonstrated through:

  • Supporting recovery
  • Encouraging empowerment
  • Promoting integration
  • Helping others overcome adversity/maximizing outcomes
  • Creating an environment of playful recreation

Education, demonstrated through:

  • Using active learning /participatory methods
  • Being a community outreach location
  • Providing individual, family and community education
  • Teaching positive attitudes toward mental health
  • Being responsive to crisis/just-in-time response

Spirituality, demonstrated through:

  • Promoting transcendence – being part of something bigger than self
  • Helping others discover and accept their meaning of life
  • Accepting people of all spiritual beliefs

Innovative Leadership, demonstrated through:

  • Being creative
  • Being committed to life-long learning
  • Being responsive to community needs
  • Using technology as a resource
  • Using cuttingedge research and education